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We are pleased to announce that Danbrit Holdings, through Port Invest, have joined Olivers Wharf Limited as shareholders (

Olivers Wharf, with the assistance of its new shareholder, will continue to expand their fast-growing Cement import, sales and distribution business whilst utilising Danbrits extensive network to expand into other areas. check this site for more info

Olivers Wharf is an independent port facility, located in Brightlingsea, in the heart of Essex and within close reach of London and the East of Anglia region.

The Wharf can handle both Dry Bulk and Break Bulk cargoes with quayside, external and internal storage options available. Olivers Wharf operate its own stevedoring and machines for the loading / unloading of ships.

The port holds a license to handle up to 200,000 tonnes of Waste cargoes (export / import) and are currently handling Scrap Metals, Aggregates, Recycled Wood and Cement in 1.5 tonne bulk bags and 25kg bags.

Present ship size is limited by maximum dimensions of about 100m LOA, approximately 15.0m beam and 5.2m draft, subject to tides.

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