Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

Oil, gas and petrochemical related components across all industries account for over a third of global maritime trade, and with such valuable resources, mistakes can be costly.

As crucial parts of global power intended for combustion and manufacturing, a high level of care is required when shipping oil and gas related products, factoring in both safety and environmental challenges.

Danbrit are renowned experts in shipping and transporting a range of products associated with the building, operation and maintenance of platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants and associated oil and gas shipping facilities and pipelines. These include upstream and downstream operations and products such as topsides, subsea, jackets, cable reels, Christmas trees, trenching and piling equipment.

Danbrit operates in a series of major shipping locations including the UK, Norway, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Houston (USA) and West Africa, providing a turnkey service both onshore and offshore.

Our experts can give host of advice and recommendations for oil and gas industry shipping, including procedures and testing, paperwork and pre-shipments and certification.

If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry about our oil and gas shipping service, contact the Danbrit Team.