Biomass Shipping

Increasingly, biomass products are being used in heating and power generation. As organic materials intended for efficient combustion, they demand high levels of care and expertise at every stage of storage, shipping, receiving and transportation.

Danbrit is experienced in the specialist methods required by biomass shipping, which may vary depending on the type of fuel involved, from wood pellets and chippings to crushed husks from fruits such as olives.

Danbrit’s experts ensure full compliance with industry guidelines and specifications for the correct transportation of biomass fuels to maintain optimum condition.

We can offer advice and recommendations for the correct shipping of biomass materials, including procedures and testing, paperwork and pre-shipment checks and certification.

Additionally, with Danbrit’s vast experience in project cargo shipping, we can offer complete turnkey project solutions for the delivery of the initial plant and machinery or any associated future expansions.